PARC - Construction
As a licensed general contracting firm in the State of California, our clients could rest assure that the designed project will be constructed according to the plans and specifications, on budget and on time, without the typical conflicts amongst the professionals causing delays and cost over-runs.
PARC - Project Management
With over 15 years of experience in project management and supervision, PARC can assist the development team in assuring a successful completion, timely turn over, and problem shooting. PARC could also assist in team member selection, cost analysis, construction document reviews, scheduling, supervision and finalizing a project. As a collaborative team of professional Architects, Engineers, and Construction advisors, PARC can manage our client's projects during construction, as representatives, to ensure proper execution, monitoring the progress in monthly, weekly or daily basis.
PARC - Constructability Review
As architects and engineers, PARC can perform a comprehensive review of the construction documents and specifications, specifically address potential areas of conflict and bring clarity to the documents. We have assembled a group of consultants that would assist us in detail review of specific areas recommend improvements and adjustment as needed. This initial review of the documents has been proven to result in reduced amount of change orders, more accurate schedule, and reduced number of RFIs.

The ability to accurately estimate costs at the early stage of the development is crucial for a successful project. We are accustomed to recognize and identify hidden costs at the early stage and work with the design and construction team to resolve them. Our cost estimates does not solely rely on generic listings and data bases but also apply the lessons learned from challenges and successes of our previous projects
PARC - Owner/Lender Representation
As a representative of the development team, Owners and Investors can rest assure that their financial objectives are achieved and their risks minimized.

As a team member of the development team, PARC attends and conduct weekly meetings with the construction team and consultants, review project progress, evaluate the construction schedule, monitor budgetary disciplines, review and comment on cost increases and offer creative and effective solutions, when the time comes.

PARC can provide clients with effective quality control and assurance with state of the art communication devices and regular detailed reports.
PARC - Forensic Services
As architects and Engineers, with extensive background and experience, PARC is capable to become involved with a project at the Due Diligence stage, conduct property inspections, resolve problems and trouble shoot construction issues, prior, during, and after a real estate transaction. Our real world experience in commercial and residential construction PARC can assist clients in construction litigation including construction defects, delay claims, contract disputes, and change order analysis.

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